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With the release of Samsung Galaxy fold which has failed badly to meet the expectations of many users around the world. Samsung fans are now waiting for a large screen phone, Samsung is going to release a new device which might be called Galaxy Note 10 and is expected to release somewhere this year, regarding this device several leaks and rumors have been popping out since then.

Samsung has a couple of premium device under making, for instance, Galaxy fold $2,000 if and when it’s eventually released. Note phones Stand out as a part of Samsung’s ultra-luxe line, the first Galaxy 10 launched in 2011 and these handsets usually consisted of an expansive screen, an embedded smart stylus called an S Pen and top-of-the-line hardware. On the whole, Note represents Samsung’s best of the best line. 

It is not surprising why this hype and curiosity is created about the phone. The device will likely to release in August as the company has always introduced phones in summer but now that Summers has half gone, the best possible choice is August or winter.

Samsung Note phone usually has the large-sized display screen to accommodate the S Pen stylus and stand out as a productivity machine. According to some speculations, Galaxy Note 10 could possibly have the biggest screen yet at 6.66 inches, compared to Galaxy Note 9 which has an only 6.4-inch screen. Having a large screen does not mean that the whole footprint of the phone will get bigger. As nowadays bezels are getting thinner the phone manufacturers are thinking about the front camera placement. Although Note 10 could be of the same size as Note 9 but still have a bigger display.

Moving on, a Dutch tech site Mobielkopen reported that the Note 10 will have a new 19:9 aspect ratio. This isn’t entirely new for the company given the fact that Galaxy S10 also has a 19:9 display. Some other tech sites and a couple of other publications said that Note 10 might supports a big, 4,300-mAh battery. If this is true then it’s going to be larger then than the Note 9’s 4,000-mAh battery and the  4,100-mAh Galaxy S10 Plus.

As we know Samsung has made three other variants of Galaxy S10 which are S10 Plus, S10E, and Galaxy S10 5G. So it would not be surprising if Samsung makes one more model of Galaxy Note 10. According to a South Korean news site ET news, the speculated version of Note 10 is 6.28-inch Note 10 and a larger 6.75-inch phone, whereas other models like LTE and a 5G version is also expected to release, it would make total four variants of Galaxy Note 10.

Some premium phone moves the fingerprint reader button from the surface of the phone to beneath the display. A phone without any physical button is not a new concept presently. A few days back, the latest alleged leaks revealed that Google Pixel 4 and Pixel XL lacks physical buttons. Because Google pixel 4 will use capacitive touch areas on the sides of the aluminum handset in place of the physical power and volume buttons. So there are more chances that we could not see physical buttons in Galaxy Note 10.

They have made these touch sensitive areas because it might use an extended version of Google current Active Edge technology which lets users suppress notifications and silent incoming calls. Other rumors suggest that it features a punch hole front camera embedded in the display

Further reports state that Note 10 could employ Force Touch technology, developed by NDT. The phone edges could register different degrees of the phone depending upon how hard you would be able to press. It will also allow you to turn on the phone or adjust the volume on a smooth, flat surface. NTD has worked with Vivo to produce the Vivo iQ00 gaming phone, plus they had also worked to develop a keyless Vivo

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Therefore, ETnews predicted that Samsung will make a buttonless phone. Apart from that, the stylus will get updates too. When Note 9 launched Samsung has updated the S Pen so that it could easily remotely trigger the phone’s camera shutter. If rumors are true about the stylus then it would have a camera installed inside. Because the company filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for an “electric pen device,” which would be placed on electronic devices like Smartphones.

Just as Galaxy S10 5G have four cameras, the Note 10 could also be equipped with four cameras on the back side. Galaxy S10 5G and Note 10 have more space to fit such a camera system so the four camera set up is not a problem. The Note series is Samsung’s most premium line so there is not much of a debate left that they can’t outfit it with the newest technology.


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