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Google Express app is getting a redesign and will become total new Google shopping app

Google express app
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Google is giving its shopping app a redesign and going to introduce a universal cart overall the platform of services which includes search, shopping and also YouTue. The company has announced a total revamp to personalized Google Shopping experience, where users can compare and discover products and then check out using Google account. With this Google express app will now become a new Google shopping app.

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The app will emerge as a standalone app with a new set of shopping products and features. Apparently, all the improvements tend to be more competitive and will give a tough rivalry in terms of consumers shop and discover products online. Like we browse on Pinterest or influenced be Instagram shopping ads. 

Also, at the same time, Google knows that its network of sites becomes part of the shopping process every now and then. Nowadays people mostly use web searches or browse images of products which they want on google images. Sometimes the users also watch videos on Youtube related to demonstration, discussion, and unboxing. Now the company aims to expand its platform in order to increase its ad revenue.

Initially, it will introduce a personalized Google Shopping homepage where consumers can filter products according to the brand they love, or features they want, as well as read product reviews and watch videos. Some items will also equip with the blue shopping cart button, on clicking it will allow users to add the particular item in the cart where the purchase is backed by a Google guarantee, plus customer service and easy returns.

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The revamp shows merging of Google Shopping with Google’s other delivery service, Google Express app. After the changes, Google express app will become Google express app and features all the new shopping experience, it has the transaction built-in service and universal shopping cart. Brands who already have participated in shopping actions for Google assistant would be added in this new shopping service which is going live now across Google Shopping, Google.com, and the Google Assistant.

Although, retailers might use ads including the highly visual showcase shopping ad to attract traffic to their sites. These ads were previously available on Google shopping, now coming to Google images and soon on Youtube.

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