Food delivery services

There are plenty of food delivery services like Doordash to postmates, each of them has their own app to download and sign-up. Google today announced that it is launching the food delivery directly from Google search, Map and Assistant. The company is not entirely indulging into the delivery business but collaborating with companies like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, and ChowNow.


While support for Zuppler and others is ‘coming soon.’ Commands like ‘Hey Google, order food from [restaurant] will show up on your phone and which services are available at that time. Once you select, it opens then a fullscreen action featuring a menu and you can checkout through Google Pay where your address and payment details are already filled out.

Google assistant also allows instructions like ‘Hey Google reorder food,’ it then shows you a list of restaurants from which you had previously ordered. While ordering you have to interact and stay within the Google Assistant as you browse and confirm payment details. The options are given to the user through the standard carousel of chips at the bottom of the screen.

For restaurants participation, You will see and order online button soon in Search and Maps when you search for a specific restaurant or cuisine. Users would be presented with a choice between delivery and pick-up and then their preferred services. The interface which users see are almost similar to the original menus within the Google apps.

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Search and Maps are the most easiest and convenient way, and by integrating into Assistant people will likely to use this feature more. Moreover, this feature is supported by both iOS and Android. You can even reorder your regular go-to-meal using nothing but only your voice. As compared to making reservations at restaurants and salons, ordering food is more complicated because of the food variety plus their selection. Something verbal like Google Duplex is somewhat less appropriate for these visual tasks.

Also, this Google food delivery services would be available in thousands of cities and closely match the availability of the third-party partners. Integrating Food delivery is the company’s latest effort to expand its popular platforms, just like they have added the ability to call an Uber or Lyft by using Google assistant.