Google maps

Google maps not only wants to provide you directions for a restaurant but also wants to help you decide what to eat when you go there. The company today rolling out an update to Google Maps on Android, with iOS to follow. This feature will highlight restaurants special and famous dishes, the feature itself using a machine learning process to uncover these dish suggestions based on the restaurants’ reviews and photos.


The maps worked like if someone posted names, photos and descriptions of dishes in their review. Google map will take that information to determine what to suggest and matching the dishes to the photos uploaded by customers to create its selection of what’s popular there. It is obvious that restaurants with no reviews or very few reviews will not be going to benefit this feature at all.

If you are in another country and would not be able to speak their language, the app will translate the description in your own language. The feature is launching on Google’s Android phones now and coming to iPhones in the coming months. Because this is an automated system, Google might also get things wrongly done as machine learning improves a set of recommendations with the passage of time.

The feature put Google map in direct competition with the yelp, it has similar popular dishes feature. Earlier this month Google already announced that they are bringing food ordering to maps, Google search and google assistant software by collaborating with delivery services including DoorDash and Postmates. The effort was made so that Google maps could become more than just navigation. 

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Last year, the company announced that there are some things which makes an app widely popular such as ‘for you’ app which gives you customize recommendations and a ‘match score’ to tell you how much would you like the restaurant or business. Google is also bringing dining feature to lens tool that will use your phone’s camera to overlay digital images on real-world image.

Coming back to the feature, the dish suggestions will appear in the Overview tab of the maps app. When you come across a dish you like you can tap on it to see all the related information and reviews where the dish is discussed by other diners. You can also tap on the menu tab to see dishes by popularity or broken down by dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.