Huawei is reportedly planning an 8K TV with an integrated 5G connection, it will be the world’s first 8K television. According to some sources familiar with the Huawei’s plan, the set would include a 5G modem to allow it to stream remote content directly without the need for a cable box or fixed-line internet connection. It would also act as a router for other internet connected devices at your home.

The new Huawei TV will mark the expansion of ecosystem play, they have focused on smaller portable devices and could launch later this year. By pairing a fast 5G connection with an 8K display could help to overcome the difficulties of streaming data-heavy 8K content without the need for a high-speed fixed-line internet connection at home. As per the Nikkie speculated, along with 8K, the TV’s 5G connection could also let them stream 360-degree videos, but it does not sound a good idea.

Huawei goal is to be the first one in the market to build an 8K TV with a 5H integration. The company wanted to give a cutting-edge display with 4 times the number of pixel than the 4k TV. Nikkie further reported that Huawei will use its 5G TV to build its ecosystem of consumer electronics. Similar to Samsung’s lineup of TVs, smartphones, wearables, and smart home devices and appliances. Also, Huawei is the second largest seller of smartphones after Samsung.

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The 5G connection can also be connected with other devices by turning the TV into the router of its own type. Even with 4G LTE, Huawei has explored using mobile networks as an alternative for old internet connection. However, for high-speed connectivity needs a 5G network first. Even when an 8K TV is connected, the bulk of content on offer is likely to be 4K at best, or more likely 1080p Full HD.

The market for 5G 8K TV would truly be a niche in 2019, many Chinese smartphone companies are showing their willingness to demonstrate this combination. In other words, just because it is not a good idea does not mean it won’t happen.