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Facebook-owned messaging app Instagram is testing a new sticker feature which will show music lyrics of a song playing in the stories background along with a video. The release date of the feature is not confirmed yet as it is still under the working procedure. The lyrics feature will work just like polls and sliders feature, you’ll only going to drag and drop new lyrics sticker to your post.


The feature was first spotted in April by Jane Manchun Wong, she explained the feature in a small video clip which she posted on Twitter, showing lyrics from Rick Ashley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” alongside the music video. The new sticker feature will make Instagram stories even busier after the company added soundtracks init the previous year.

The soundtrack feature will let users add background music to their posted stories. Too, the company has promised to bring several popular artists in the app including Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato, and Maroon 5. Later in December 2018, Insta added some more musical feature allowing users to reply to questions with song, countdowns and question stickers for live videos.

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Instagram wanted to surpass Snapchat and TikTok by offering every possible feature on a single Instagram app. Apart from this new lyrics feature, the company has revealed a new milestone for stories. According to the company the feature is used by now 500 million users daily, the lyrics feature will come to both iOS and Android devices. 

In the future, Instagram might hide the number of “likes” that a publication gets. Instead, the interface focuses on who liked the image. This was also spotted by This change Jane Manchun Wong, who regularly discovers hidden changes in social networking applications. In the interface presented, the company explains the inspiration behind the “hidden likes.”

On the whole, it means that you can still be obsessed with the number of likes on your posts on Instagram, but that fellow users will not be able to see that. Instagram indicates that this new feature has not been tested.