iRobot has a pair of new cleaning robots, first is the Roomba s9+ and second is Braava Jet m6. Both the robots will work to vacuum, mop and dust your house. These robots supported mapping technology, coupled with Imprint Link, which lets the two devices communicate in order to take turns on the floor.


The s9+ set a premium standard for the Roomba, the idea initiated with the most radical redesign in the robotic vacuum line’s 17-year history. The company switched from iconic round puck design, the front of the vacuum is flat because of new “PerfectEdge” tech that lets it get closer to the wall. It is the most awaited feature in recent Roomba generations.

The company claims that Roomba s9+ is good at handling the edge of the rooms thanks to its wider brushes corner brush with five 30mm arms which are designed to sweep dust from the corners of your room into the path of its main rollers. iRobot also said that it has more than 40 times capacity from the previous model plus its filters are able to trap mold and pollen allergens.

The down part of the flat side is the main system which will do most of the maneuvering and in returns required a lot of battery. The top part features a large brush metal circle that opens up to grab and replace the filter. Just like the previous 17+ model it ships with the optional Clean Base, it would b able to empty the dirt while still docked.

The model also comes with an upgraded 3D sensor that helps the system map and navigates, scanning for obstacles at a rate of 25 times a second. As we mentioned above the device comes with an imprint link technology it will become the next step in the company’s floor cleaning plan. The cleaning process will start via the app which sends s9+ out to clean the area followed by m6.

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“It’s a coherent — from a design and communication perspective — set of top-end robots that are designed to raise the bar of functionality,” iRobot CEO Colin Angle explains.

Surely irobot is making advancement as long promised a vision of the home robot becoming an immensely important part of smart home, especially when coupled with Alexa and Google Assitant. irobot app will automatically be told the device to mop and dusting $499 (€699) Braava Jet m6 to clean your wood or stone floors after the $1,299 (€1,499) Roomba s9+ has vacuumed.