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September is coming when Apple unveils new iPhone models, rumors and leaks about the upcoming phone. The latest leaks were uploaded by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman on Twitter. If the leaks are to be true then three 2019 iPhone models will feature a controversial large square camera bump design.

iPhone mold is crafted based on design specifications and dimensions, the leaks came out of Apple factories with their manufacturing partner like Foxconn, giving the contract to third-party accessory makers to made properly fitting cases earlier than the time. The first time the leaks appeared by Onleaks in January since then the square camera bump design has remained controversial.

At that time, many people criticize the look of bump plus the placement of the camera lenses within the bump. It is not cleared yet that why Apple wants to use the square bump for the next iPhone XR model, if the rumors are accurate about having dual lens rear cameras because the current pill-shaped bump used on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max seems sufficient, but it might be only for the consistency.

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The leaks for iPhone 11 has been not accepted by most of the people as the camera bump is so large that it widely cover the back of the device. Also, the lens inside out is oddly arranged as they seem to be installed with a triangular layout. Moreover, the camera flash and microphone placed above and below the spoke of the triangle. It presents you kind of weird look for a camera set up to be housed in a square module.

If we examine closely looks like it has a sleeker vertical dual-camera module used in previous iPhone X and iPhone XS. Last week, Gurman said that the third camera the next iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be an ultra-wide-angle lens that gives users a broader range of zoom. The second lens on the upcoming iPhone XR is expected to come with a wider zoom as well. The new cameras are also expected to be equipped with new augmented reality capabilities.

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