The company behind the TikTok video app Bytedance is reportedly working on building its smartphone. The phone will come with ByteDance’s apps which include the news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, the ubiquitous TikTok, and according to some rumors, an unreleased streaming music service.


ByteDance is one of the world’s most famous startups, the Beijing based company has been working on many apps like Lark, an instant messenger called Feiliao as well as a music streaming app, apart from TikTok. Now the company has decided to take a further step and develop a phone. ByteDance spokesperson declined to comment on the news yet.

But it is quite evident from the company’s urgency to make more acquisition channels, and according to the Financial Times, CEO Zhang Yiming has always desired to build a smartphone full of preloaded apps. Earlier this year in January, ByteDance has also confirmed a deal with phone maker Smartisan. They have acquired a patent portfolio and hired some Smartisan employees, the company claimed that it would help them in discovering education business.

That was a curious statement because Smartisan business has nothing to do with education. From there many predicted that the company is up to manufacturing phones.

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Furthermore, the report does not reveal other details about the phone, its design or the intended market. However, it talked about the concerns that ByteDance could be affected by the US government ban against the Chinese telecommunications market, while the company had also faced problems in India. Because in India TikTok becomes immensely popular among youth and teenagers, therefore, the Indian Government had banned it for promoting cultural degradation.

From the past few years of growth, the company is now facing reduced sales plus it failed to hit its revenue target for the first time last year, according to reports. Several of Bytedance’s predecessors include the selfie app maker Meitu has already manufactured smartphones with a pre-loaded suite of photo-editors. They have recently sold this part to Xiaomi as the latter apps will capture more female users and new users, including Snow-owned camera app B612 and Bytedance’s Faceu.