driver rewards program

Uber has announced that they are expanding its driver-focused Uber pro service to the whole US nation, with plans to bring it in the international market as well. The driver loyalty program rewards high ratings and low cancellation rates with increased take-home pay and free college tuition. After testing it in 10 cities Uber said that it would be rolling out driver rewards program to 20 new cities of the US, the program would be extended to Uber eats as well.

Uber first announced its driver rewards program last November because the company was criticized for how they treat their drivers, therefore, Uber wanted to show that it was ready to take a step toward boosting their incentives. At the start, the company tested the reward program in just a few cities and often targeted a specific group of drivers.

Uber is now launching in main markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Austin, Dallas, and Baltimore. Moreover, the company estimated over 120,000 drivers will be eligible for the top-billed perk: free college tuition at Arizona State University. Uber pro divide drivers into four categories which is partner, gold, platinum, and diamond. Drivers in the partner category need to maintain a 4.85 rating and a cancellation rate of just 4 percent.

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To promote to the next tier, the driver must earn points on every trip during a three-month period, and the points they earn in one period go toward unlocking status (and more rewards) in the next category. The rewards include cash back on fuel purchases, discounts on vehicle maintenance, and free roadside assistance, whereas drivers who reached to platinum and diamond status would then qualify for increases of 3 percent and 6 percent, respectively, depending upon time and distance rates.

This is an efficient way for some driver to earn a higher wage, the driver can also enjoy rewards of faster airport pick up and free bodywork. As we mentioned above, Uber Pro is expanding internationally starting with its test in Mexico. The company is also planning to launch for Uber Eats delivery drivers as well, which will be available in select US cities soon. Next week Uber is expected to make its debut as a publicly traded company at an $80 to $90 billion valuation.