Huawei 5G phones

Two of the Britain largest Mobile operators and carriers Vodafone and EE have dropped Huawei 5G phones from their launch and by joining other telecoms group. It is the recent action after Google pulled the Chinese tech Giant’s Android license in response to the US government ban. Both carrier companies were set to include Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, one of the world’s first 5G-capable smartphones as a part of their 5G networks.


EE which is owned by BT has planned to offer Huawei phones as a part of its launch on Wednesday. But then they decided to pause after Huawei was put on the US blacklist which restricts any kind or trading between China and the US. It has also stopped Google from providing future versions of its Android system to Huawei.

“Until we get the information and confidence that gives us the long term surety that our customers when they buy those devices, are going to be supported for the life they’ve got the device with us … we’ve put those devices on pause,” said Marc Allera, CEO of the BT Group’s consumer brands, at a press conference this morning.

Furthermore, Vodafone said that it will also stop Huawei Mate X phone from its 5G line-up. Earlier, Vodafone has planned to launch this device in Summer in its 5G network. But on Wednesday a spokesperson said Huawei 5G phones is yet to receive clarifications. Moreover, these announcements are some of the first responses made by European mobile carriers to Huawei’s lost Android license.

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From now onwards Huawei will not be able to launch its devices in America but the company’s phones have been well received in Europe. In the first Quater of 2019, Huawei sells more than 59 million smartphones, with almost half of these going to Europe. Without Google Android license Huawei will lose access to Google Play Store key apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps; and to Google’s security updates.

Huawei has still a temporary license to issue Android updates to the current devices but only until 19th August. After that, it is not clear what would be the future of the company because one of the main reasons people buy Huawei phones is due to Android OS in less prices. On the other hand, Europe other mobile carriers, including Spain’s Telefonica and Germany’s Deutsche Telekom have not decided yet whether they continue selling Huawei phone or not.