For a few years now, Amazon has been selling inexpensive 4K TVs with Fire TV software, along with its manufacturer partners. Today, At an intimate press event in the Dolby SoHo space, a new Fire TV Edition with Dolby Vision has been announced by Amazon. The display model is made by Toshiba and is basically an upgraded Fire TV Edition.


Dolby Vision is an expansion on HDR10, it results in even more precisely control colors and contrast all the way, as it appears on your screen. Sandeep Gupta, Amazon’s VP of Fire TV development, said:

We worked closely with Best Buy and Dolby to build an amazing TV,

For the last couple of years, TCL a budget TV competitor, has delivered very popular TV sets with support built-in, also several other studios support it. The competition for lineup of Roku TVs thus has increased, as adding the technology means Fire TV sets are better equipped and also available in the $500-or-less price range. According to the Amazon, since last June it has launched more than 20 models of Fire TV Edition smart TVs. In this initiative, Best Buy plays a major role, as it’s the exclusive retailer in the US and Canada. Even if you buy TV of Amazon, best buy is the third-party seller.

Amazon recently announced that Fire TV has over 34 million active monthly users. Fire TV Edition has its integration with all Echo devices, and its one of the most interesting feature. Alexa can turn on your TV for you and pick up where you left off on your last binge. With any Echo speaker in your home, Fire TV Edition sets can be powered on and controlled.

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Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube are currently offered by the company. The Fire TV Stick 4K supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos audio is offered by the Cube but not the visual side.

Amazon isn’t the first to bring Dolby Vision to its smart TVs, rival Roku has been doing it for awhile. There are TCL Roku TVs with Dolby Vision across a variety of prices already.

Besides the support for the display spec, there is not much difference between the Fire TV Edition with Dolby Vision and its old version. Rather than a replacement in its lineup, Amazon will continue selling both versions as a next-gen option. You must consider it if you are looking for an Amazon smart TV with a greater dynamic range. A 55-inch model ($449.99) is on sale today, and 43-inch ($329.99) and 50-inch ($379.99) models will be available later this month on June 30th.