One new, upcoming tvOS feature Picture-in-Picture mode is announced by Apple, earlier this month. Users will be able to stream two shows at the same time by using this mode. Apple news site 9to5Mac reported the feature’s forthcoming launch earlier today, along with the news of today’s release of new beta software for all of Apple’s operating systems, including tvOS.

Users of Apple Tv can shrink down any video playing in the Apple TV app to a corner of the screen, and still can continue browsing through other content, while still watching whatever video was originally playing. However, Apple’s picture-in-picture feature won’t allow you to stream video on top of another video. Twitter user Nikolaj Hansen-Turton noticed this new option after installing tvOS beta 2.

Picture-in-Picture support,for now, is limited and will only be available for content provided by Apple in the Apple TV app. This mode will work on the content purchased through iTunes, videos streamed through Apple TV Channels. Also it will include the TV shows and movies streamed the Apple TV+ subscription service launching later this year.

In may, all the channels arrived with the updated TV app, allow the users to subscribe to premium add-ons including HBO, Starz, Showtime, EPIX, Tastemade, Smithsonian Channel and others. We can say that this idea is way more similar to the premium subscriptions available through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels and also to the subscriptions offered through Roku’s streaming hub by The Roku Channel.

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So accordingly, when the new version of tvOS will be available to the public later this fall, you will be able to watch HBO in Picture-in-Picture mode if you subscribe channel through Apple’s channels. In the future, catalog of premium subscriptions in time may be expanded by Apple. Then it will possible for the users to view more programming in the Picture-in-Picture mode.

Plans for third-party developer tools are not yet announced by the Apple, so their own apps cannot use or support picture in picture mode, for now. Obviously, owners of Apple Tv will then go for premium programming through Apple TV Channels, instead of subscribing it through a third-party website or app.

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the company previewed its upcoming software releases, but didn’t announce support for Picture-in-Picture mode, so it was a surprise for the users. Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD both will support for picture-in picture mode.

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