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Beddit which is the sleep tracking company Apple just bought it two years ago. After selling its products in the Apple store for years. It is now bringing a new Beddit beta program to allow customers to test and offer feedback on new features before release, according to the beta program’s website.

Users who enroll will able to get early access to new versions of the Beddit app ahead of the general public. They will also allow doing feedback to Apple by sharing data and completing surveys. Participants in the beta program will share data about the app usage, app settings, and their sleep results, apart from the diagnostic data. For this, they will first need to sign an informed consent form, given the personal nature of this data.

Apple explains that this Beddit beta program is voluntary and users could withdraw from the program at any time, at that point, the data will no longer be collected. In case, the user changes its mind in the middle. They can rejoin the beta in the future as long as the beta program is ongoing.

There are other few requirements for the participants in the beta program, for instance, Users must be based in the U.S., have a Beddit Sleep Monitor the $145.95 model 3.5, and be at least 22 and not more than 75 years old. They must also agree to terms and conditions, receive email communications from Apple about the beta program. Apple has been invested in sleep tracking since the launch to bedtime feature in its iOS clock app.

It was introduced in iOS 10 which helps users set up reminders about bedtime and recurring wake-up alarms. It allows customers to configure other settings which can contribute to better rest, including the ability to schedule a Do Not Disturb mode. It also set time limits on app usage, and schedule a Night Shift mode to turn on in the evening in order to reduce the blue light emitted from the phone something that can disrupt our natural sleep patterns.

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With the Beddit deal, Apple has taken a big step in the progression of sleep tracking by snatching up a connected device maker. Other sleep tracking apps also work well on the Apple watch and integrate with Apple’s Health app for viewing sleep duration. Like AutoSleep, Pillow, Sleep++, Sleep Cycle, SleepWatch.

On the other hand, Apple is also rumored to be working on built-in sleep tracking with the Apple Watch and will available next fall, but that feature isn’t expected to work with existing watch models.


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