Apple WWDC 2019 keynote

Finally, the much-awaited event is here, Apple today has kicked off the annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose with two and a half hour keynote. Apple WWDC 2019 keynote showed us everything what the hype was all about because they have been working on the products from the past few months.

Starting with the Console controllers for Apple TV, the TV would be able to compatible with the Xbox One and Playstation Dualshock controllers, let them be used alongside Apple’s upcoming subscription gaming service, Apple Arcade. Multi-user support for Apple TV is for those people who are tired of watching recommendations based on every member of your house. This feature will help you to have different profiles for each family members present on the Apple TV. Switch between profiles, and viewing recommendations will change accordingly.

At WWDC 2019 keynote Apple also announced updates for Apple watch, the watchOS is getting enhancements. Many of them are meant to make the Apple Watch more useful without having to pull out your iPhone. The first addition is the independent apps that would be able to run directly on the watch without the need for a companion iPhone app. Next is the built-in App Store interface for purchasing/installing Watch apps directly through the Watch itself.

A dedicated voice memo, audiobook and calculator apps. The Apple watch will let audio streaming APIs for on-the-go streaming of sports games and other content. It comes with a Noise app that detects the decibel level of your surrounding, warns you when the noise reaches a dangerous level for your hearing. Anyhow the noise app doesn’t record or save any audio.

The watch featured a built-in Shazam app, and lastly cycle tracking app for helping women to keep track of their menstrual cycle, extracted from Apple’s health project. The next most talked about thing is iOS 13, regarding the new upgrade many rumors have been circulating since then. The developer beta build goes live today, the public beta build will begin shipping in July, and it’ll ship to everyone in “Fall”. All the apps will launch 2x fast and installed 50% smaller whereas updates should be around 60% smaller.

Talking about the Dark Mode which Apple has revealed at the keynote, a new dark interface as the current interface is quite bright. Swipe to key keyboards have been in making for decades but this one is getting an upgrade which is iOS meant using a third party offering. With iOS 13, swipe support is finally built in. Moreover, Reminders apps are getting a redesign, which allows you to remind people onto a reminder to have it pop up next time you’re iMessaging with them. Plus time-synced lyrics in the built-in Music app.

Apple has also incorporated a sign-in solution in this mode. By using this you would not have to put up Email every time you install a new app rather it lets you log in to a service using your Apple account, authenticating with things like FaceID rather than a password. In another case, if you don’t want to share your Email, Apple will create a random and unique address just for that particular app. You can also disable the unique address just as you don’t want to hear from them.

The iOS 13 update has a home security feature known Home Kit secure video which will use your local device instead of cloud to analyze the footage. Then encrypts it before sending it to iCloud for storage in a way that Apple says it can’t view. Logitech, Netatmo, and Eufy were mentioned as working on compatible cameras.

Memojis are getting a dozen of new customization options, like makeup, piercings, different teeth, new hats, and, yes, AirPods. Apple is offering you a choice to rotate your video by using built-in photos app if you accidentally shoot a video in portrait mode. Next update is about the Airpods, Homepods, and CarPlay. First things first, Airpod can now read incoming messages to you. Audio sharing allows you to take an audio file of from your most recent list and send it to Airpods.

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You would now be able to hold an iPhone next to a HomePod to quickly start streaming the audio from your phone to the speaker. CarPlay interface is getting a new design and Siri can now work with third-party apps. Furthermore, the iPad operating system which was known as iPadOS is now working as a standalone iOS. It allows the widgets to pin down at the Home screen, plus faster switching between apps running on the iPad’s side-by-side slide over mode.

The WWDC 2019 keynote brings a lot of updates and features for the Apple users probably because of the ongoing Smartphone hysteria that every company wants to give their best.

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