blackberry messenger

BlackBerry Messenger is no more it is official now, the messaging platform is going to be shut down on May 31st. Blackberry messenger is also known as BBM was one of the first instant messaging platforms that arrived on mobile devices in 2005. It was used to read receipts and typing indicators. Users could select a BBM account tied to their unique BlackBerry Pin rather than send a standard text message.

BBM also managed to take traditional desktop messaging and translate it to the tiny computers in our pockets. The messenger looked like an early version of WhatsApp messenger, it wasn’t perfect in its early stages like the text bubbles were cluttered, the user interface becomes chunky when navigation between messages take place.

Despite all the weaknesses, it becomes quite acceptable among masses and people tend to like it. But now the company have decided to shut it down while most of you might not be happy with the news. Because BBM is competing against WhatsApp, iMessage and a few other messaging apps. As the messaging platform is ended now, we all need to figure it out which messaging app will replace it.

There are still good apps available for your use. Like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp both the apps are capable of instant message service. On the other hand, a recent report revealed that CEO Mark Zuckerburg wanted all the platforms Whatsapp, Instagram, the Facebook messenger would be able to send a text to each other despite being the separate entities.

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However, there is still a hope for Blackberry messenger die-hard fans BlackBerry Messenger still exists, albeit in its Enterprise form. After the news came out that Blackberry for users would be shut down, the company announced its enterprise version of BBM is now open for personal use. Also, there are AndroidiOS, MacOS and Windows versions of BBM Enterprise. More to that, the subscription messaging service would be free to consumers for the first year, after which there’s a six-month subscription fee of $2.49.

BBMe includes similar features just like BBM voice and video calls, read receipts and file sharing, and end-to-end encryption. You’ll need to install and subscribe to the service through one of the mobile apps before you can set up the desktop apps.