At an event, BMW proudly announced that it will extent its plans to release 25 cars that are partially or fully electric. On the other hand, this week, Klaus Fröhlich, BMW executive and board told reporters that this shifting of cars from diesel or fuel cars to the cars powered by electricity is “overhyped,”. According to him, these electric cars have no consumer demand.

According to Fröhlich, all-electric vehicles costs way more than gas or hybrid cars. It costs more because of raw materials for batteries and the condition could get more worse, as if demand for these raw materials increases. He also claimed that:

There are “regulator requests for [all-electric vehicles], but no customer requests.”

Europe can be flooded with a million all-electric cars by BMW, if it will be able to offer a big government incentive. But gain he claimed that:

Europeans won’t buy these things.”

From what we see, [all-electric vehicles] are for China and California and everywhere else is better off with [plug-in hybrids] with good EV range,

Furthermore, according to him, survival of diesel engines will be for at least 20 more years, and gas engines will survive for at least 30.

Few hours before, in the event, a new electric motorcycle design and the concept of bold, futuristic hybrid car has been unmasked by BMW.  Probably, that could straightway replace the company’s i8 supercar. Recently, another announcement has been made by BMW in event that it sold its 400,000th electrified car, that is hybrid and all-electric. In late 2013, the first all-electric BMW i3s came on road.

The in-harmony in the comments and their timings is remarkable. Specifically, we could also consider that in 2018, BMW also paid fine for outfitting a few thousand cars with devices that was against the emissions regulations, it also followed a government raid. The European Commission also accused BMW, VW, and Daimler for a secret agreement to impede the rollout of emissions limiting technology.

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Its also true, that Fröhlich is not alone in his views. Volkswagen is securing enough batteries and battery materials and for that it is spending more than $50 billion, so that it can have enough electric cars for future. We can say company don’t want to face the situation, where the supply is too limited sooner or later. Apple was also in the same race. Audi, Hyundai, and Kia have also faced the problems with rollouts of their EVs due to battery production issues. Some industry experts have also issued the warning of sustained supply problems.

However, Fröhlich’s comments and BMW’s news from this week are overlapping to some extent. Because, in near time, it seems hat the German automaker are more interested in focusing on hybrids, although we cannot ignore that it is one of the first major automakers to ship a halfway-decent all-electric car (the i3). Also other industries are thinking more about hybrid vehicles, who have promised big shifts to electric power.