Today, at BMW’s inaugural NextGen event, the company showed the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster, which is its’s newest electric concept bike. The company hasn’t done all that well in the electric motorcycle department, but we can say after this event that company is working hard on this.

However, BMW has a long history of building motorcycles, but there is no guarantee that this concept will ever come to market. Whether this concept comes to the market or not, it will provide inspiration to the other production projects. It is a very hard step for the company to introduce electric motors, as it has been associated with its 2-cylinder boxer engine for ages. For the production of successful electric motorcycle, then it must offer a valuable package for buyers. Not only performance, a great productivity should retains the brand image that buyers associate with BMW motorcycles.

The Vision roadster has a battery pack with coolers, where a typical BMW motorbike would usually have its engine. The bike itself is built using aluminum and carbon fiber to reduce weight while the LED lighting system echoes the light design on current BMW motorcycles. As there’s no gas engine, that means there’s no need for a gas tank, which means there’s more space to get expressive with the design.

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The size of the engine affects the weight distribution and center of gravity. As the nature of the electric motor is small, but the nature of the batteries are not according to it. So, the things are being shuffled up by BMW Motorrad. The battery is in the place of the boxer engine. To keep temperatures manageable, the cooling elements are exposed and placed in the air stream. These cooling elements move outward when the bike starts up. It uses a universal shaft to drive the rear wheel, instead of using a chain.

When the bike is in motion, there is a set of fluorescent elements on the sides of the tires that can create designs. The rider’s gear is also very interesting. The suit has built-in magnets, a rucksack can be attached to it. It looks more like street wear than traditional armor. The rider just have to pull and detach the magnets, whenever he needs something.

The BMW Motorrad Vision DC has a very interesting look, and obviously it gives us a vision of future of BMW’s motorcycle division.