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Google Cloud outage takes down YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail and more


Google cloud has faced outages which is responsible for taking down YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail, Discord and a host of other popular apps and services down across the eastern United States. The main cause appears to be the problem with Google cloud service which powers apps other than just Google’s own web services.

The company’s Google page for cloud confirmed that the apps are having issues, which has started at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT. The search giant explained that Google’s Cloud Compute Engine and Cloud Networking services as suffering outages on its Status dashboard. The issues only affected the people of the East coast of the US, but some YouTube and Gmail users across Europe are also reporting that they’re unable to access the services.

Discord and Snapchat users have reported that they are experiencing issues logging into the apps as they both used Google cloud on the backend. On the contrary, YouTube seems to be working fine on the west coast and people being able to access the video streaming site perfectly fine. However, on the east coast people are encountering some issues.

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Also new of the outage has been quickly spread on social media, and there is a trend running down with a hashtag #YouTubeDOWN become the top of Twitter’s Trending Topics section as users reported their frustrations. Google hasn’t commented that why this outage happens yet.

Other than that, two days back Google was found involved in an antitrust investigation. The US Department of Justice is expected to investigate Google’s search practices, as well as its other businesses, the report said. However, the Federal Trade Commission investigated Google in 2011. The case was about the placement of tracking cookies in Apple’s Safari browser.

Google has faced antitrust investigation pressures from regulators in Europe. In March, Google was fined with a $1.7 billion fee from the European Commission for abusive online ad practices and unethical content. In 2018, the EU representative had fined Google a record $5 billion for unfair business practices around Android, its mobile operating system. It seems like the company is having trouble time all the way.

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