Living in a busy city everyone can easily expect the delays and overcrowded vehicles which can easily ruin their day. On Thursday, Google has made an announcement and provided a solution for this problem. A new feature in Google Maps called “crowdedness predictions” has been introduced by Google. With the help of this feature you can see how crowded is your bus, train, or tube is likely to be before heading out.

All these details and the prediction of the app will depend on your previous rides. Its been months, Google has been taking some additional details and comments about the level of crowdedness of the transit trips by the people who use Google Maps. It was more like a review about their previous trip they have just completed, they have to answer a simple question asked by the Google. Four options were given to the users like many empty seats, few empty seats, standing room only, or cramped standing room only.

After collecting enough data, Google has now begin offering predictions to customers who almost daily use Google Maps. From today, this new feature will be starting in 200 cities around the globe. According to The Wall Street Journal, about one-quarter of cities are in the US are included in this list. We can give some examples for the better understanding of this feature like if you are waiting for a train from moving one place to other,so if there will be no space in that particular train, it will particularly say that “standing room only” at 9:40AM. This information may not be enough but it can help you take some decisions whether you want to go to your destination while standing or will try another way.

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Another feature, live traffic delays for buses is also launching by Google Maps. It will work for the travelers who don’t already have real-time information direct from local transit agencies. This feature will give you information, based on live traffic conditions along your route, whether your bus is late or not, how long the delay will be, and more accurate travel times. Exactly where the delays are on the map will also be shown by the app.

In these past few months, these new feature including Incognito mode, real-time speeds, parking locations, and traffic jam crowdsourcing, will come on top of a range of product updates rolled out by Google Maps. We can say that Google always know that how it could retain its pole position among navigation apps.

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