According to Business Insider and Computer World, a sequel to last year’s Pixel Slate tablet will not be launched by Google. Google will instead focus its Chrome OS hardware efforts on traditional laptop devices like the Pixelbook. This decision actually led to the cancellation of two tablets that were in development. A spokesperson told Business Insider:

“For Google’s first-party hardware efforts, we’ll be focusing on Chrome OS laptops and will continue to support Pixel Slate,

On Twitter, Rick Osterloh, who leads Google’s hardware business, confirmed on Thursday that there won’t be a Pixel Slate 2, but you can expect to receive software and security updates on Slate for several years to come.

When the Pixel Slate went on sale last year, its reviews were not so excellent. The hardware of the device earned praise, but the software didn’t get cheer. On a tablet, Chrome OS is not yet so good to work. The performance of slate’s other versions with lower price were quite sluggish. Some of those issues were solved by the Google with the help of updates. But the company might have realized that the battle with Apple’s iPad will result in nothing. Slate will never going to provide the best Microsoft experience to its users who want a full-blown PC experience on a tablet.

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Meanwhile, since the release of The Pixelbook in 2017, it has received a great response from the customers. This feedback of the users were actually because of its fantastic keyboard, nice screen, lightweight design, and unique style. According to the Computer World, A Google spokesperson told that before the end of 2019, it’s very likely that we will have a release of a Pixelbook 2. A 2-in-1 convertible device with a detachable keyboard, or we can say a device that doesn’t have a physical keyboard at all, accoring to the original report. So, we hope that later this year, it sounds like something beyond new Pixel smartphones will be announced.

At the same time, Google has strong intention of improving Chrome OS on tablet devices according to Osterloh. As several other companies including Acer and HP have already released products like these.

But at this point, its totally a mystery that why Google has stopped its work for tablets. The only suggestion we can make that competing with Apple in this space isn’t the easiest thing to do.





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