In 2017, companies, Google and PayPal, who had been strategic partners for some time, announced that PayPal would become a payment method in Android Pay. But the service was later renamed or rebranded as Google pay. Last year, Users pay for services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and Google Store purchases via a PayPal option in Google Pay, who added PayPal as a payment method on Google Pay. Online merchants who accept Google Pay on their website or mobile app will now have similar integration.

According to the Google, Payment methods of hundreds or millions of customers have already saved to their Google Accounts, thanks to the 2018 integration in some cases it also includes PayPal. Merchants can now easily enable PayPal as a payment method with this expanded integration, in their own Google Pay integration. Only a small code change is required, to the list of allowed payment methods.

Any online shopper at this point now, will have the option of selecting PayPal to make the purchase, who wants to check out using Google Pay. Consumers will not have to sign in to PayPal when they use it through Google Pay, this is the major benefit of this integration. It will automatically cuts down the number of steps to take at checkout. This will then result in increase number of conversions. PayPal’s Purchase Protection and Return Shipping benefits will also be available for users.

When a customer selects PayPal through Google Pay, online merchants who are also PayPal merchants receives the money in their PayPal Business Account within minutes. Several years ago, PayPal’s embrace of its one-time competitors like Apple and Google actually begun. As, the technology platforms better integrate its service it is still gaining popularity.

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The company has began teaming up with rivals like Visa, Mastercard, Apple, Google, Samsung and Walmart. Both at point-of-sale in retail stores and also within the popular mobile wallets offered by mobile OS platform makers which are Apple, Google and Samsung, it will achieve better traction. Like credit and debit cards, today, PayPal is alongside other payment cards.

Merchants can add support for the digital wallet platforms themselves, who want to offer a variety of checkout methods and PayPal also comes with that. The option of PayPal for Google Pay will be offered in all 24 countries and then customers can easily link a PayPal account to Google Pay.

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