Hasselblad new XD1 II

Hasselblad has revealed the new X1D II 50C, this model is the follow up to the company’s first mirrorless camera 2016’s X1D. The new camera looks the same as the previous model, from its design, size, and appearance to its 50-megapixel, medium-format sensor. The company has upgraded a few things in Hasselblad new X1D II like larger touchscreen, higher resolution viewfinder, and significantly improved performance.


The big difference is going to be the price which is $5,750 for the body and will available in July. The company made the new model because they thought that X1D is somewhat lacking in performance. Even after the many firmware updates, the X1D describes as being pokey with long startup times, sluggish response to inputs, and slow shot to shot times. The company promised improvements like enhanced electronics for a quicker and “more intuitive” medium-format experience.

Hasselblad further claimed that the start-up time on the X1D II has been reduced by 46 percent, continuous shooting is increased by 35 percent while the live view frame rate has been increased by 62 percent. The upgrades target more to responsive and snappier camera but it is still no replacement for smaller format mirrorless cameras for shooting sports or other fast action.

Talking about the design X1D II is the most good looking than the previous model. The major upgrade is the inclusion of a 3.6-inch touchscreen 0.6 inches larger than the one on the X1D that’s also higher resolution and brighter than before. The electronic viewfinder is an OLED screen which can now boast 55 percent more pixels and a larger magnification than before. The company has also incorporated a new feature, tether over a USB-C cable. The first enhancement for a medium format camera. This would work well with 2nd and 3rd generation iPad pro model that will allow faster reliable image transfer to the iPad when shooting.

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Moreover, Hasselblad app allows wireless transfers, control of the camera remotely, and the ability to export full resolution or half resolution JPEGs and full resolution RAW files. Apart from the Hasselblad new X1D II, they are announcing a new digital back for its V system cameras and a camera body capable to mount a lens without the need of mirror box. The 907X uses Hasselblad’s X System lenses and features a tilting screen for traditional, waist-level medium format composing.

Hasselblad said that this is the smallest medium format camera body the company has ever released. The CFV II 50C back uses the same 50-megapixel sensor as the X1D II and is compatible with V System cameras dating back to 1957. It consists of the same tilting touchscreen present on the 907X body. Pricing and availability of the CFV II 50C and 907X would be revealed later this year.