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Smart nursery devices including Grow, a changing pad with a built-in scale and Rest has been already introduced by the Menlo Park-based Hatch Baby and these devices got much fame in market. Now the company is pride to introduce an updated version of Rest, , a device doubling as a sound machine and night light, with Rest+. Obviously, it is an effort to help further establish Hatch Baby in the family sleep space.


The addition of an audio monitor and a clock has been done by the company n Rest+ as we came to know it from feedback of many customers and Amazon reviews. The sound machine, night light and a “time to rise” feature which are found in the original will still be present in the Rest+ device.

The audio monitor is an essential addition in the device and will help all the parents to monitor their baby while they sleep without going into the room and potentially waking the baby up. The clock is also a fantastic addition and will solve other problems for parents having toddlers. As they are big enough to get out of their beds and go out of the room before their parents could wake up. So, if parents will put this clock in the baby room and tell kids not to come out until it shows a certain number, it will be easy for them to sleep without any stress.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, most toddlers need about 12 to 14 hours of sleep in a day, including nighttime sleep and naps. Thus, this feature will also helps establish healthy sleep habits in little one.

The features of the Rest+ include audio monitor, with the help of which parents can check their child while sleeping without disturbing them and using other gadgets. A sound machine is present having a range of sound options, from white noise to soft lullabies, from which parents can choose which sound to play for their baby. A night light is also there to provide soft and soothing
lighting for midnight feeding sessions. It also provide bright and reassuring light when the dark feels scary for older kids. Parents can also choose from a rainbow of colors to make it their own specific light.

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Parents can teach toddlers and preschoolers to stay in bed until it’s time to rise once the light changes color, with the time-to-rise feature. The green light indicates the time to rise. And on the last, an easy to read clock which help parents to stay on track with their busy schedules and it helps to teach children to read numbers.

It is more attractive to parents because of its WiFi-enabled system and portability. A portable, WiFi-enabled device can also save precious space having a sound machine, nightlight, audio monitor and clock.

The Rest+ will only be available on the Hatch Baby site according to the Hatch Baby co-founder Ann Crady Weiss. Rest+ is just $80 offering all of its five features to parents so that they can handle their child more easily.