Some new smart home gadgets having the new SmartThings Cam, SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug, and SmartThings Smart Bulb has been added by Samsung expanding its range of SmartThings. From today, these smartthings will be available. These new products will work within the SmartThings ecosystem.


These products are ideal for smart home beginners and these entry-level devices are necessary for the SmartThings lineup. Smart Bulb relies on the hub for connectivity and it uses Zigbee 3.0. Some devices like the Cam and Smart Plug can be used with or without a SmartThings hub. One other plus point is that all these three devices work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung’s own Bixby voice assistants.

The SmartThings Cam offers full HD video with HDR, IR for night vision, two-way audio, person detection, and a 145-degree field of view, regardless of these features it will still cost you less than the Nest Cam or Amazon’s Cloud Cam. . It is also available with 24-hour cloud storage backup, for up to four cameras, at no additional charge. An additional option for 30-day backup for up to eight cameras for $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year is also available. You will not require the cloud subscription, unlike Google’s Nest Cam, for its hardware features such as person detection. You can also place this camera on a shelf or mantle or can also mount it to the wall, as it comes with a stand.

For iOS or Android, using the SmartThings mobile apps the video feed can be viewed, easily. It can also be viewed on one of Samsung’s FamilyHub refrigerators or a Samsung TV. The Wifi Smart Plug is small enough to allow for two to fit on the same wall outlet, so its a smart one. It also works with Google Assistant in addition to Alexa. It is less expensive than Amazon’s Smart Plug, but similar in function.

Smart bulb comes with 806 lumens of rated output and it is a simple 9-watt smart LED light bulb. It has a warm white color (2700K), but it will display other shades of white or a full color spectrum. This white light can also be dimmed.

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Samsung is not planning to stop working with third-party partners anytime soon, despite the launch of these products. Before being acquired by Samsung in 2014, these devices link various smart home products from different brands together. Also manage them, and build automation with them, and works as a centralized hub. These were originally launched in 2012.

600 devices from 60 different companies are compatible with the SmartThings platform, currently. Many of these overlap with the new products Samsung is launching today. Samsung can get prospective buyers interested in the SmartThings platform with the help of its new Cam and Smart Plug. Samsung also has an option to make easy lighting kit bundles with the help of its Smart Bulb.

The cost of SmartThings Cam is $89.99, SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug is of $17.99, and  you need $9.99 to buy SmartThings Smart Bulb.