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Samsung is likely to working on some new gadgets and headsets, At this week’s Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, Calif, the company’s director of developer relations for XR and gaming Farshid Fallah said that Samsung has plans to release multiple AR and VR products over the coming months. And the devices might involve its stagnated Gear product line.

Fallah made these remarks while addressing a panel which outlined Samsung AR and VR strategy on Thursday afternoon. He also talked about the company’s wide array of efforts with VR, its gear headsets. It mainly focused on augmented reality features coming to the company’s new Galaxy S10 handset. The S10 model comes with an advanced depth sensor as well as a feature called Bixby Vision, which allows users to identify objects, and even shop for them, simply by capturing them with the phone’s camera.

Fallah started the presentation with the early initiative by Samsung company in the field of VR. It publicly began with the launch of the original Gear VR headset back in 2015.

“Gear VR was a good entry point,” he said, adding: “But things have moved on since then,” according to the variety.

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Apart from the mobile VR products, the company has been releasing two versions of a high-end VR headset which is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform. Moreover, the company was also exploring head-mounted augmented reality and not forget to mention that last year they even introduced an experimental augmented reality headset at its developer conference.

That experimental headset wasn’t sold like a product to the consumers but it was just a prototype, the headset based on the same software developer kit that the company originally built for the Gear VR. Fallah further said that we have other plans for gear and that Gear brand might live on AR and VR. In recent months, Samsung has released some other VR headsets like Windows Mixed Reality Odyssey+, but these are available at a much higher price level. It seems like Samsung have put higher stakes at the AR and VR technology for the future.


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