Users like the ability to simply lay their device on a charging pad rather than having to plug it up each time. Thus, wireless charging has become a must have feature. Proton New Energy Future, a Spanish start-up, has unveiled Ebörd. It is a smart table that has a wireless charger built into the entire surface. Because of its large surface area, it allows to charge multiple devices at once. This can charge up to four devices at the same time.

This smart table has a smooth top that has a sleek smooth finish. It takes energy to charge the devices from the Sun or even artificial light. The Ebörd looks like any other modern Ikea-style furnishing, but we know that a decent tech is hiding in that. Usually there are one or two charging coils in the other devices, it means that we have to put the device down on a certain spot. But, there are more than 50 coils in the Ebörd which can charge up to four devices anywhere on the top. Devices that support Qi charging technology, the energy can be transmitted to these devices by simply laying the device on the table. The solar-powered smart table store and transmit energy to the devices by a 10Ah battery that is also under the table with 50 coils.

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Qi technology is used by the table to charge devices and many current models are supporting this. Several generations of the iPhone and Galaxy models, as well as Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, include in this. A number of phones from Sony, Nokia, and LG that are also supported. Many different accessories such as smart watches, earbuds, and tablets which support Qi technology can also be get charged. The company offers 2 adapter for the devices that does not support the Qi platform, these are built into the solar-powered smart table.

The solar-powered smart table is a major step to reduce the power consumption by mobile devices. Some interesting characteristics are also present in table which make it even more useful. It is a waterproof table and solid enough to be used as a standard table, along with a charging stand. Features like LED lighting and Bluetooth surround sound speakers are also be available in some models.

On IndieGoGo, a 50% discount is available for 18 more days on the solar-powered smart table and it is for a price of $450. The device will officially launch in November. As technology is advancing, this is one more example of renewable energy resources, it is an effort to reduce carbon emissions by companies.



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