Uber air taxi service

Uber has finally debuted the first designs for the vehicles which will power a service called Uber Air Taxi at the third annual Elevate, a flying taxi conference in Washington, D.C. The cab-hailing giant has collaborated with Safran Cabin for the design of these stunning flying taxi interiors. Many of the designs which the company has shown for the taxi service resembles the advanced helicopters.

While the interior of the vehicle looks like the inside of SpaceX crew dragon spacecraft. There are four passenger seats, arranged two-by-two, information screens, charge points, and cupholders. Behind the second row is space for storing luggage. There are some electric blue lighting and similarly colored seat belts. The company wants simple but sleeker inside designs to become a widely accepted standard for eVTOL [electric vertical take-off and landing] vehicle rider experience.

The company said that the interior of the vehicle it outlined in collaboration with Safran cabin could be modified to fit the standards and specifications of eVTOL vehicles which other organizations are building for Uber Air, just like the Boeing and Bell helicopters. On Tuesday, Uber announced another manufacturing partner named Jaunt.

In a full-scale mock-up display at the Uber elevate urban mobility the four seats could be turned away from each other at 10-degree angles to reduce social awkwardness between passengers and the chance of arm contact, pointing them toward the view outside. The seats are upholstered with aerospace-grade ultra leather, which is a tough, synthetic, low-friction material chosen to make it easy for passengers.

The bags won’t be able to stored underneath the passenger seats because the space inside the vehicle is already compact. Plus the weight of the aircraft is kept light, Uber’s plan to operate an all-electric fleet made that important for the cabin designers given the low power density of batteries. There is no lining on the inner side, the passengers would be able to see the backside of the structure of the vehicle.

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The windows, however, are expansive, but not too big because window glass is heavier than the fuselage material. A recessed strip of LED lighting around the roofline projects a white light when the doors are open for boarding and turns blue in flight mode. Not to worry, there is a narrow rear luggage compartment sized for standard carry-on bags. It can precisely fit four rolling suitcases with a fold-down shelf for rucksacks.

The designers wanted to set a standard for safety and privacy and contains elements with a design language, as these above designs are extra. It is expected that Uber will launch the air taxi service at only a few places in the Dallas and Los Angeles metro areas in 2023.