A good news for all the music lovers, as they can now listen to their favorite music on YouTube music even when they are not connected to any WiFi. A more thorough version by YouTube mix to expand its offline mixtape feature is released which is now calling “smart downloads”. Whether or not you’ve got a data connection, you will be able to listen to those 500 songs anywhere which this app has automatically downloaded for you. This feature will be available for YouTube Music Premium subscribers on Android devices.

This app will select songs from a 100-song playlist based on your listening history and also from the songs in your Liked Songs playlist and from your other favorite playlists and albums. All the things are in your hands you can also set the limit of your songs in this playlist. The download process only happens at night and when your phone is connected to WiFi. You can change the download numbers by going in your settings. Well! we are not really sure that how users will react to this app, because not everyone will use an app which can download so much songs for them at once. Because our music list changes every time according to our mood.

This app will be very useful, if you forget to download any music for your free time in your offline mode. YouTube Music will create a mix of songs you like as well as songs that fit your taste profile, after you enable it and downloads it to your phone. You can use this feature alongside Smart Downloads, users can thus continue to get their mix of music discovery along with access to their favorite jams while offline.

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YouTube mix is not the only app which wants to be your partner in your offline time as Netflix is also join this race. The next episode of whatever you’re watching will be automatically saved by Netflix downloads, so it’s ready to go right away. The other feature will automatically delete episodes you’ve already finished.

However, YouTube has still no comments about the user libraries. We have no idea when it will migrate these libraries from Google Play Music over to YouTube Music. But we cannot obviously just switch to YouTube Music until it satisfy us with all our stuff. Google already has over 15 million paying subscribers, and between these two apps, YouTube still has to do some work, so that it can be the users favorite app.



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