echo speaker

According to a new report from Bloomberg, that Amazon is currently trying to offer an Echo speaker that can easily competes with high-end speakers like the Sonos line of devices or Apple’s HomePod. According to the different sources cited in the report, we can expect that this speaker will be released next year by Amazon.

To boost the sound quality, it will be packed in four separate internal tweeters. The HomePod cylinder contains seven beam-forming tweeters. Moreover, from the existing Echo models it will be more wider. It will also obviously have access to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It is one of the main reason which has helped Echo speaker to reach its current level of success. Echo will work better for the high-fidelity audio version of Amazon’s music streaming service, according to the Bloomberg. Previously, we have heard that Amazon is working on it.

This speaker release will be result in interesting working relationship , including Sonos, which is one of the Amazon’s existing partners. The Sonos One and Sonos Beam, which are the Newer Sonos speakers supporting support Alexa voice commands, amazingly. However, multi-room streaming and speaker grouping, are supported by both Echo devices and Sonos. But we can say that if we compare both of these on the basis of sound quality Sonos has always had far superior audio quality than Echo hardware.

The more expensive Echo Plus which was launched by Amazon to provide ‘premium sound’ has not yet met the levels of Apple or Sonos quite yet in terms of all-out sound quality. However, HomePod has been centered by the Apple on the music experience. But Amazon continue to use Echo speaker as a vehicle to deliver Alexa intelligence. Some of its examples are like helping in the kitchen with cooking recipes, controlling smart accessories and other digital assistant tasks.

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Yesterday, a marketshare report showed that the growth of Amazon’s music service was improving than Apple Music. It is mainly because of the large install base of Amazon Alexa hardware.

However, Sonos, is settling everything up with Ikea to launch speakers powered by its technology. It is for its Symfonisk line which will most probably release in August. Smart speakers requires a lot of money and interest from many big and small companies. Amazon is also working very hard in its so that it can produce something that wins on high-quality audio at a reasonable price.

According to the same report of Bloomberg, Amazon is working on an ‘Alexa home robot’, this robot might follow the user around the house. Apparently, this robot stands about waist-height, it also features an array of camera so that it can see and move around rooms. We are not sure about the release of the product, as it is still in the process of development.