Apple trolled Google

The rivalry game between the world’s famous competitor continues to go on. Almost every day we came across lots of news, featuring companies making efforts to beat the other rival company. Likewise, Apple trolled Google with an artfully placed billboard for the second time in seven months. CTV News Toronto reported that Apple erected a billboard across the road from the sidewalk labs, according to the reports of the Business insider.


It is the smart city sister company to Google whose planned smart neighborhood in Toronto has started major privacy concerns. If we check the story from another angle, Maybe Apple-owned silk labs wanted to install the sensors in the 12-acre waterfront neighborhood, as they called it Quayside. The sensors will monitor the movements and behaviors of people walking through the area. The game of overpowering between the companies is raging. Dozens of apps and update comes to provide alike services to customers. Apple trolled Google is the perfect example of this.

Sidewalk has called for the creation of an independent firm to stop companies including itself from selling that data on to third parties without consent. However, some of the Toronto residents remain concerned because the Sidewalk Labs proposing the laws that will regulate their behavior is just like the fox proposing the design of the hen house.

At the start of this year at the Tech conference CES, Apple carried out a similar stunt by putting up a billboard next to Las Vegas’ monorail system. It was displayed with famous “Hey Google” slogans. The ad stated, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” Apple has long prepared for this approach because privacy over other tech companies like Google because its business model doesn’t rely on amassing user data.

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It does not mean that Apple phones are not penetrable especially since most iPhone owners use Google apps, especially since most iPhone owners use Google apps. Yesterday, Apple iCloud went down and Users were facing trouble signing into Apple iCloud and accessing their accounts, along with Photos, Mail, Backup, Find My Friends, Contacts, Calendars, and more seeing downtime. Reportedly, Apple stores are affected by the outage and not currently able to process transactions.

Almost all of the Apple iCloud and other services which saw downtime are back up and running with the exception of Calendars, Contacts, and Reminders still affected by the outage. The issues were widespread across Apple’s services, many applications were affected including developer tools and third-party apps. One user who was trying to get their iPhone fixed at the Apple Store was told that the outage is nationwide. The reason for the outage is still unknown.