Bose QC35 II

Over the past few weeks, the owners of the Bose QC35 II headphones have received a recent firmware update which has noticeably worsened the level of noise cancellation. After the update, they claimed outside noises are easier to hear now as they were inaudible before the update. If you want more knowledge on this issue, a person posted an extremely long and comprehensive thread at Bose’s customer forums that discuss the issue in detail.

One person wrote at the forum, “I created an account just to post that the 4.5.2 firmware update has totally destroyed the ANC on my pair of QC35 II too, Very disappointed with Bose as I only purchased these headphones in April and they are basically useless to me now on my commute and in the noisy open office.”

There are many other complaints as well, with some of them claiming that the loss in noise cancellation actually began even earlier with firmware 4.3.6. Another customer wrote, “This is true happened to me today, auto-updated through bose connect app while I was at Starbucks, and I immediately noticed the degradation in ANC, now I can hear people’s conversations on the other side of the coffee shop, while on high NC setting.”

One thing to mention here, not all the Bose QC35 users are experiencing the same issues. Other users told that after the update they have reset the phone an everything seems to run completely normal, whereas One user came up with a fairly complex reset and reinstallation process that seems to have done the trick for their unit and other QC35 II owners as well.

After receiving all the complaints Bose spokesperson said that if any person who is currently experiencing the same issue are encouraged to reach out to Bose support. The company discourages the person who only wants to downgrade the firmware on their headphones.

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Back in May, Bose had revealed and updated the website with its new flagship device, the much-awaited successor to its popular QuietComfort 35 the noise-canceling headphones 700. The headphones are priced at $399 but look nothing like the existing QC35 IIs and will not replace those more affordable cans. The company has also unveiled two new sets of totally wireless earphones, one of which is noise-canceling, the Noise Cancelling Earbuds 700.

The design of these noise-canceling headphones looks far slicker than that of the QC 35s. They consist of a USB-C port which was overdue from the company. Bose claims 20 hours of “full-featured” playback. However, the shape of the headband is immediately reminiscent of Sony’s 1000X M3s, which remain the most comfortable NC headphones anyone has made yet.

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