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Elon Musk says that Tesla will soon allow the owners to enjoy YouTube and Netflix streaming inside its vehicles and he hypes the experience as amazingly immersive with a cinematic feel. Tesla has already unveiled games which drivers can play on the displays in June, Bethesda studios announced at E3 that drivers would be able to play Fallout Shelter.

The company has also released Cuphead and some classic Atari games, like Tempest, Pole Position, and Missile Command. On Friday, the company revealed that drivers would be able to play chess in the Tesla Arcade. The fun part here is that the game only works while the car is parked, and players can use the steering wheel as a controller. The same is the case here, but Musk notes that when regulators approve self-driving.

Tesla will allow passengers to stream video while the car is in motion. Musk didn’t unveil a timeline for the feature to roll out. Moreover, Tesla Model S and Model X are equipped with a 17-inch screen and Model 3 has a 15-inch display. The video playback capacity is locked to only work for the rear camera feed and cannot play any other video content. Musk has also hyped the feature for being amazingly immersive with a cinematic feel due to the comfy seats and surround sound audio inside Tesla vehicles.

The main benefit of the upcoming new feature is when you stopped to charge on a road trip. Previously, Musk said that Tesla’s video streaming would only work when paired with Wifi access in order not to use the bandwidth of the in-car cellular connection, which would become expensive for Tesla since it’s included in most vehicles. The wish to allow drivers and passengers to watch video is not a total surprise as Musk noted at E3 that the ability to watch YouTube was coming.

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Until now, the display doesn’t support HTML5, that is why such a feature isn’t possible in the cars right now, although one owner found a way around that. However, Last year, Tesla started introducing a new paid ‘premium connectivity’ package to support in-car internet features of its growing fleet. In order to make Tesla upcoming feature more useful, Musk said that Tesla plans to deploy free Wifi at its Supercharger stations.

But there are some huge concerns with this YouTube and Netflix streaming feature. That test vehicles are required to have a driver behind the wheel to take over in case something goes wrong, and even as self-driving technology improves. Not forget to mention, there is also been one high-profile incident in which TV was a problem, a fatal crash in 2017 between an Uber self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian, in which the car’s test driver was watching The Voice on Hulu.

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