The creation of a French space force was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron, earlier this month. The responsibility of this force is to defend its satellites. According to Le Point, France is quite serious about this project and has already started working on it, as a program has been announced by France’s Minister of Defense. Nano satellites equipped with guns and lasers will be developed under this project.

On July 13 ahead of Bastille Day celebrations, Macron said that the new command would be formed in September.

Currently, over 2,000 operational satellites are orbiting Earth based on the database they maintain on the subject, as estimated by The Union of Concerned Scientists. And many of those satellites are being used for the government and commercial communication. No doubt, that these are also important for military missions.

€700 million from the military budget has been devoted for space defense, as announced by the Minister Florence Parly. By 2025, more than €4.3 billion will be spent on this mission. All this money will be used to upgrade the France’s network of Syracuse military communications satellites, and these are controlled by the French Navy.

However, according to the plans of the French military we can easily guess that they want to introduce something new in each generation of these satellites, as the next generation of satellites will come with cameras to identify adversaries as wanted by the military. Moreover, forces want a followup generation equipped with sub-machine guns and lasers so that they can attack and disable other satellites.

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According to the words of the Ministry of Defense, they also wants to be able to launch swarms of nano satellites into orbit so that it could protect strategic objects. Moreover, they also be able to launch satellites quickly, to replace ones that have been lost or damaged. Military wants all these systems might be in their place by 2030, according to the Le Point. Parly says:

Active defense is not an offensive strategy, it’s self-defense

Parly also said that:

If our satellites are threatened, we plan to blind those of our adversaries. We reserve the right and the means to respond: this may involve the use of powerful lasers deployed from our satellites or from patrolling nano-satellites

The aim of the military is not to go on the offensive way to take out enemy satellites, according to Task & Purpose. However, the country will be able to respond, if the country identify any kind of a hostile act committed by the other country.

Moreover, some plans to create an American space force as an extension of the Air Force has also been announced by US President Donald Trump, in February. On the other side, according to a December 2018 US military report, an anti-satellite missile has been used by China against its own defunct weather satellite in 2007, which generated thousands of pieces of space debris. India also successfully tested an anti-satellite missile, in March.