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As we know that Android 10 Q is expected to release in late summer this year, but Google is continuing to experiment to improve its gesture-based navigation. The company has moved so close to Apple’s iPhone X that it almost seems like an exact copy. An unreleased build update of Android Q has now released with one key improvement to gestural navigation.


Google had to thought of Android traditional back button instead of keeping an on-screen button, Android Q will use a swiping motion, it is inward from either side of the screen. The update will clash with the slide-out menus used in countless smartphone apps. Many of them let you tap a hamburger menu icon to access that pane but those icons could be a tough place to reach, as our phone keeps getting bigger day by day.

Sliding your fingers to the drawer is more of intentionally but now by doing so, those side menus fail to load unless you slide your finger diagonally. However, the situation is about to get better with the update of Android Q Beta 5. Google says that to reach slide-out menus, people using fully gestural navigation will be able to tap and hold near the edge of the screen. The menu will appear at a point where they can slide it out all the way, along with this Google allows the quick swipe from either side of the display to continue to trigger a “back” action.

According to the 9to5Google, there is another fix coming because a user got the next beta of Android Q early and uncovered a new setting called “Back Sensitivity.” It will be one of the biggest changes in this release is to the full gestural navigation. It can be set on a sliding scale, the user further says that it led to a “marked improvement to navigation.”

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One Pixel 3 XL user reported receiving a new Q update earlier this week. According to “About phone,” the device is running build QP1A.190626.001 and the August security patch. There are four increments on slider ranging from low to high. The owner of Pixel 3 XL noted a marked improvement to navigation. It comes as we learned yesterday that Beta 5 will tweak gesture nav with peeking app navigation drawers.

Apart from all the Good stuff, Android Q is offering you the option of just returning to Android’s older three-button navigation experience and completely ignoring the newer method. As per some experts, the gestures are not faster but you’re able to see more information on-screen since those larger buttons are gone and you’re left with a long, thin line that indicates where to swipe up to go home or bring up multitasking.