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Google Camera app hints Google Pixel 4 could have 16MP telephoto lens


The numerous new features of Google Camera app has revealed after the initial release of a new version of this Camera app. In the previous releases, Google showed that its upcoming Pixel 4 will have two rear cameras. But it has not yet revealed about the details of its second camera that it will be a telephoto shooter or it will be optimized for super-wide angle photos. In its latest discovery the Google Camera app revealed the possibility that the Pixel 4 may have a rear telephoto lens.

According to XDA Developers, Android Q revealed version have shown code references that are specifically for “telephoto”. Probably, making it the likely function of the Pixel 4’s second lens. Actually, they pushed themselves specifically into Google Camera’s Super Res Zoom, internally code named “sabre.” They found references to “telephoto” within this portion of the code.

A list of camera sensors from which the Google Camera app can choose from, is also uncovered by them using the telephoto reference. Along with two brand new ones, “FRONT_IR” and “REAR_TELEPHOTO” all of the sensors available on the Pixel 3 including regular front-facing, wide angle front-facing, and rear-facing are present on this list.

Google Camera will support the Pixel 4 and is working on it already, with multiple references found in the code. So, we can surely say that these two new sensors will be included with the Pixel 4. The obvious second rear-facing lens will be also be there for its support which is visible in Google’s official render of the Pixel 4. For the front-facing IR this would likely support the “Face authentication” feature, according to the XDA.

A standard camera can be used to take a portrait. However, you cannot take an ultra-wide angle shot with a standard camera, unless you’re stitching shots together.

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The resolution of the Pixel 4’s telephoto lens were discovered by the APK Insight team of 9to5 google by digging even deeper into Google Camera 6.3. From one of a few specific resolutions, we can calculate that the Pixel 4 may have a amazing 16MP camera sensor equipped with a telephoto lens.

Moreover, we know that Pixel phones can already take great portrait shots. Google’s computational photography is quite good, that is why in many some cases, the edge detection is better than on an iPhone or other Android phone. But, obviously Apple produce a more realistic transition between the subject and the blurry background because they use actual depth data obtained from two cameras. Now using a telephoto lens, will help Google to go more higher.

Until Google announces the Pixel 4, in October, there will be a lot of assumptions we will come through but for the original details we will have to wait.


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