A good news for all the Google Pay users. All of the users out there can now access the payment information they have saved to their Google Account after this new update by Google. According to the Google, users will now have an easier way to pay while online shopping. Earlier, by turning on the Google sync option users could sync this payment information between browsers on different platforms. Now, the situation will be different even if Chrome sync is not working, just by signing into your Google Account on the desktop, you will be able to access autofill for payments.

Last year’s after rebranding from “Android Pay” recently, Google Pay has also been expanded to more sites to reflect its more cross-platform nature across the web, and this feature is taking advantage of that. As few weeks ago, Google Pay’s integration with PayPal would expand to those online merchants who accept Google Pay on their website, was announced by the Google.

When you are checking out, you can now select a saved payment card from your Google Account. A receipt will be emailed to you from Google Pay having all the information about your purchase, after you have complete the transaction by entering your card’s CVC number.

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According to the company, the credit and debit cards which are associated with your Google Account can also managed by users easily under your Account settings. Using this feature, will not automatically turn on Chrome sync. If you want to sync other information in between your devices, like bookmarks, history, open tabs, passwords, autofill, and other settings, you will have to manually do that.

Another thing that Google is highlighting that when you will sign in to another Google service, like Gmail, you will automatically get signed in to your account. So, in order to take advantage of this new feature you may not have to sign into your Google Account again and again. Moreover, if you want you can turn off “Allow Chrome sign-in” altogether, or you can sign out of your Google Account in Chrome.




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