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Recently, in a Blog Post and YouTube video, the company has revealed that the phone will feature a face unlock technology instead of a fingerprint sensor. The company also revealed that Google Pixel 4 will have a feature called Motion Sense, which confirms that it will have a Project Soli chip that uses radar to detect hand gestures near the phone.

Adding face unlock will put the Pixel 4 with modern iPhones for unlocking, and it’s more convenient instead of an in-screen fingerprint sensor. There is another example of Google raising the stakes on itself if the Pixel’s face unlock isn’t as fast or as secure as the iPhone’s, that’s going to be a huge problem. Many attempts at the Face unlock on Android phone will reveal the selfie camera and were insecure and inaccurate.

The 2019 Android flagship isn’t expected to make its official debut until October, but the company can’t stop preempting the announcement with feature confirmations amid the leaks. Google Pixel 4 face ID doesn’t work unless the phone is right side up. However, Apple has already come up with this limitation on the iPad Pro and might offer the same flexibility with its 2019 iPhone lineup. Google also confirmed that Pixel 4 will use the face unlock feature for payments.

Face unlocking works in every orientation, even if you’re holding it upside down and you can use it for secure payments and app authentication too. In iPhones biometric data has stored locally in a secure chip and never share with other Google services. But Google explained that Pixel 4’s face unlock feature will use a variety of sensors to identify your face, including depth, infrared, and RGB. This also means that it works in a variety of lighting situations and also work with a diverse set of faces.

Google had told that they have done field research to ensure both of these things. If the reports are to be true then you won’t get a second front-facing camera in Pixel 4. Previously, Pixel 3 and 3 XL both had an ultra-wide selfie shooter that could capture more of your surroundings or cram more people into a photo. Pixel 3A has a single front-facing camera with a wider field of view than the Pixel 3’s regular one, probably Google is moving away with this strategy.

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Furthermore, in the Google post, it was also mentioned a possible use of the Soli chip could detect your hand reaching for the phone, which would automatically turn on the face unlock sensors. If it all works and go well then possibly the phone would automatically unlock itself and be ready by the time you’re looking at it.

In an earlier tweet, Google revealed the photo of Pixel 4 camera, it was first showed that there was no fingerprint sensor on the back. In the second leaks, which pointed to the phone having no notch at the top of the screen, instead of keeping a very large bezel with multiple cameras and sensors.

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