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Logitech updates its G Pro headset with Blue Microphones audio


Today, a well-known gaming brand Logitech updated its G Pro line, by unmasking a new headset. This new headset is actually the updated version of the last year’s model, it is expensive than the previous one but its worth it. This wired headset which is designed for PC gaming is more comfortable and higher in quality. With the addition of a new aluminum and steel design, it looks much more sleeker than before.

This pro-grade audio device worked also with Blue Microphones. Thus, it results in an audio input feature calling Blue Voice. It offers you clearer and crisper microphone, and also various options of tuning and filters in its companion G Hub app. This new version is being billing by Logitech as a device built with games that require frequent voice communication in mind. Using Logitech’s new software you can enjoy some of the feature set and a quality level  to some extent if you are not using microphones from Shure or Blue Microphones, which are the dedicated audio brands.

The focus of the company is more on the PC gaming, so the Blue Voice option is only available for PC users. But, you can plug your headset in the controller. However, it will be difficult to cope up with a headset designed for desktop rigs, with an included six-foot cable and clip-on volume and mute controls.

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Moreover, G Pro X  may lack in the comfort department during longer play sessions. The weight of the last year’s 9.1 ounces and this new model weighs approximately 11.3 ounces, so it can be a little uncomfortable. This new headset has also no ability to rotate from side to side, so it can either fits you well or it will not. However, you can increase the comfort level, by swapping the leather earpads for the foam ones, it mat have a positive impact but it depends on your preferences.

The sound quality is quite good and it can be highest-quality headset on the base of sound, offered by the Logitech in this price range. The Blue Voice features are also great.

The newer model which is officially called the Logitech G Pro X headset is available for $129.99, having the Blue Voice option. If you are looking just for the hardware, go for the new standard G Pro headset which will cost you $99.99. However, the existing G Pro is available in the markets for $79.99.





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