Microsoft is increasing curiosity of all of us, as we are expecting that it has something new for all of us in the bucket. As per the news, Microsoft deleted every single post from its Windows Instagram account a few hours ago. After that, it doubled our nostalgia by posting a video on both Instagram and Twitter, announcing the “all-new” Windows 1.0 with MS-Dos Executive, Clock, and more!!”

We never know that someone has pranked all of us or its really crazy to think but it might be possible that Microsoft’s social media accounts have been hacked. The company has also adopted conspicuous 80’s-influenced low terms in its responses to its curious followers. However, what is happening, it will be really amusing to know about it.

Talking about the video, it opens with the modern Windows 10 logo. Then, it quickly take us to the early times, landing on the original Windows 1.0 logo from 1985, spinning through previous history of the iconic Windows logo.

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This curious promotion by Microsoft, is not what we can expect from the tech giant. The company has also changed its social media icons to that original Windows 1.0 log, not just it has deleted all its previous posts from its accounts.

Windows 1.0 will turn 34 this November, so it is not the right year for an anniversary celebration, we can say that easily. Checking out another possibility, we can say that may be it is an inspired co-marketing campaign. As, Season 3 of Netflix’ Stranger Things debuts this week, that is on July 4th, and takes place in 1985, the same year the classic OS was released, so it may be related to the new season of Stranger Things. These are just different possibilities we are checking, as what is going on behind the scene, no one knows.

It is kind of a delightful, nostalgic promotion, whatever the case is. Hope so that we will get our all answers soon, and obviously if we get any update about it, we will report it as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy this amazing bit down memory lane.

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