new iPhone hacking tool

According to a report from the Financial Times, the new Pegasus spyware sold by NSO Group and is now being marketed to the potential clients as a way to target data uploaded to the cloud. The tool is said to work on many of the recent iPhone devices and also on Android smartphones. This new iPhone hacking tool could harvest your personal data even after the tool is removed from the original mobile device.


Attackers are using malware and are said to be able to access a wealth of private information, including the full history of a target’s location data and archived messages or photos. According to the people who shared the documents, with the Financial Times and described a recent product demonstration. As a quick look, the software Pegasus was designed to surreptitiously monitor all facets of a user’s device, including text messages, emails, location data, browsing history, phone calls, photos, and more.

In addition, Pegasus is so modern technology that it can be installed on a targeted device when a user unwittingly clicks on an SMS link. One important thing, Pegasus is an expensive tool which costs millions of dollars and, as a result, is primarily marketed towards foreign governments and intelligence agencies. When questioned by the reporters, NSO denied promoting hacking or mass-surveillance tools for cloud services but didn’t specifically deny that it had developed the capability described in the documents.

In response to the report, Apple told the Financial Times that the operating system was the safest and more secure computing platform in the world. Whereas some of the expensive tools might present to effect the performing targeted attacks on a very small number of devices, we do not believe these are useful for widespread attacks against consumers.

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However, with this news, it raises some concerns among the users that such spyware could be used by repressive regimes and other shady attackers to monitor members of the public. For example, in May, Whatsapp revealed a vulnerability which allowed hackers to remotely exploit a bug in the app’s audio call system to access sensitive information on an iPhone or Android device.

Moreover, Security researchers said that the new iPhone hacking tool has taken advantage of the WhatsApp flaw featured characteristics of the Pegasus spyware from NSO Group. It keeps maintain all its software, which is currently costing millions of dollars is only sold to responsible governments to help prevent terrorist attacks and criminal investigations. More to this news, the WhatsApp flaw was only used to target a London lawyer who has been involved in lawsuits against the NSO Group, and security researchers believe others could have been targeted as well.