Oppo smartwatche

Smartwatches from Samsung and Apple have now become boring for most users around the globe. Lats week letsgodigital reported that Oppo is also joining the smartwatch race along with Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Oppo has published a design patent which shows that the Oppo smartwatch could be expanded into a tablet format display. It seems like Oppo was in works to make a foldable smartphone as the company has submitted the patent last year.

In the middle of 2018, Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications filed a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). The patent was entitled with ‘wearable electronic device,’ It was published on 2018 September and describes a smartwatch with a flexible screen. The patent of Oppo smartwatch has a regular watch strap along with a rectangular-shaped screen. A special feature of this smartwatch is that the display module is foldable so that the user has a larger screen area within no time if desired.

For instance, if you are doing exercise or training, you can use the display in the folded position in its more compact form. Moreover, the display is not wider than the watchband, which means that it cannot be an obstacle when the user is wearing the watch on his wrist. The display part which is not in the use is automatically switched off in order to save on battery consumption.

You can easily unfold the display module after which the screen area is increased by 200%. Then you have three times as much screen space at your disposal. The changes in user interface depending upon the mobile device being used. This smartwatch has two modules one is the folded mode and the other is unfolded mode.

The screen is unfolded in the width, the height remains the same regardless of the folding position. The display folds open towards your back of the hand, making the whole screen easy to operate with your other hand. The Oppo foldable smartwatch also has a bracket where the display module is located, it provides extra strength when the screen is unfolded. In the folded position the extra display part is stored in the watch case under the main display. Plus the watch case has a recessed groove from which the screen can slide out. The folding process is fully automatic.

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Too, the smartwatch is provided with a pressure buckle, by pressing the buckle the screen can be unfolded. The pressure buckle must also prevent the screen from accidentally unfolding when the user delivers intensive performance. Earlier this year, Oppo announced that it had a foldable phone in development. Later at the MWC 2019, the company showed a prototype of a folding phone that showed a lot of similarities with the Huawei Mate X. 

The ColorOS interface from Oppo seems to be well suited for the smartwatches but the Oppo interface shows many similarities with Apple iOS. As we all know Apple watch is the most popular smartwatch because of its OS and smaller display size. If Oppo tackles it correctly, ColorOS could provide a better user experience than the average Android smartwatch.