Bluetooth cassatte tape player

Cassette tapes are having a minor comeback with Bluetooth cassette tape player. You don’t need to be an expert to understand that the cassette tape was one of the worst audio formats in the history of pre-recorded music. Even with amateurs ears, it is nearly impossible to ignore constant hissing of the tape, the tinny, thin sound, and the clickity-clack of plastic cranks pushing along the easily-warped magnetic strip.

Now imagine combining a tape player with a Bluetooth connection. This weird combination gives you the aptly-named Kickstarter project “It’s OK,” a Bluetooth cassette player in the style of the Sony Walkman. The sales of this cassette player went up 19 percent somehow year over year in 2018. It’s like a portable cassette player like an original Walkman would be if Sony continued to develop tape-based tech in 2019.

Apart from playing cassettes or letting you record to tapes, it also bills itself as the world’s first Bluetooth 5.0 portable cassette player. It will also let you listen to your favorite jams with wireless headphones or even link it to a Bluetooth speaker. To unit Bluetooth and audio technology from over 40 years ago might feel like the worst idea. But it is not worst for the person who would like to carry around a retro-style cassette player, having to stoop to using a second ancient tech standard the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Bluetooth cassette tape player can even run on AA batteries, just like the old Walkmans did. Ninm has successfully run a retro-tech crowdfunding campaign before, so it has some experience here. Ninm was selling the device for an early starter price which is $75. There are four colors present which are pink, white or navy blue colors. The last one specifically designed to revive the original Sony Walkman TPS-L2. It will deliver you by December of this year.

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The it’s OK cassette player performs like the walkmans of the old times. You just have to pop in a cassette and listen to some tinny tunes or you can also record to a blank cassette through the built-in microphone. The company will also include a blank tape with each It’s OK, It is functioning under the likely correct assumption that most people don’t have tapes lying around in 2019.

Since the arrival of Bluetooth 5.0, you can stream your cassette sounds to your favorite pair of wireless headphones or to a portable speaker. There’s even the classic belt clip so you can flaunt just how gullibly retro you really are. Too, This month marks the 40th anniversary of Sony’s first Walkman, the portable music player that would forever change the way we listen to music.