wifi extender

Roku Relay, a WiFi extender, is in progress by Roku. Roku Relay is meant for improving the wireless connections inside a home and improve reliability while streaming. This device will address a common problem that is video quality, with streaming TV set-top-boxes. The device has not been yet announced by the company. Users are actually testing this device outside the company according to a related person involved in these tests.


A small white gadget that is plugged into a power outlet and it rests alongside the wall you have placed it. According to the instructions, if you use it with Roku devices it will improve the WiFi connection, but it is not sure that other devices can be used with it or not.

However, we are sure that product launch will not be as grand because the hardware is ready to be tested but it has not yet passed the Federal Communications Commission’s clearance process. This clearance is must for the device for coming into the market. The existence of the device was first reported by the Bloomberg, and according to it Roku is not sure about the sale of the product. According to the spokesperson of Roku:

the company doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation.

Recently, Roku has started to expand beyond its core offering of streaming media players. A pair of wireless speakers were launched by the company last year. These speakers are being designed to be used with Roku TVs. It was the first device by Roku, and now Relay will be the second device by the company other than the streaming sticks, boxes, and TVs.

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Only one-tenth of Roku’s profits was represented by the hardware, despite being best known for its streaming devices. Ads, subscriptions, sales, and other services that happen on Roku‘s devices after being purchased are the major source of income for Roku. According to the CEO of Roku, Anthony Wood, the whole business was supported by those services. Further he added,

That’s not paid for by the hardware. That’s paid for by our ad and content business,”

The Relay will be other piece of hardware by the Roku for its existing customers like its wireless speakers, which can help Roku to expand its business. Moreover, it can be difficult for Roku because by 2023, One analyst firm projects WiFi extenders to become a $2 billion market. They are already getting fame inside the market. However, Roku existing customers can easily trust its WiFi extender, Relay.