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Samsung has announced its lastest unpacked event for August 7th at 4 PM ET at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY. At this event, the company would be announcing its most awaited product of the year. It is none other than Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the latest in its line of super-sized stylus-equipped smartphones. There is not much information available on the invitation note.

In the invitation, there is only a picture present of an S Pen and a single camera lens which could be forming an exclamation point if you squint at it really hard. However, the latest leaks give us more information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that comes with a fresh design and will feature a single front-facing camera embedded in the display, it is similar to the Galaxy S10 that comes earlier this year.

Reportedly, Note 10 will allegedly be putting that camera dead center on the screen. The camera we are talking would be a selfie shooter. Because Samsung’s flagship and mid-range phones feature multi-lens camera modules nowadays. The Note is expected to come with delivering triple- and quad-lens cameras. Previously, the Samsung Galaxy Note range has been experiencing issues in the sets. This time the company wants to recover the following the disastrous launch of its Note 7 device, which was recalled after numerous devices caught fire due to faulty batteries.

There are conflicting rumors about the 3.5mm headphone jack. There is one report claiming that Samsung could be axing the audio port on the Note 10. Also, the news is circulating that Samsung would be releasing two sizes of Note 10 this year, as it has for the regular Galaxy S line of phones in previous years, with rumored 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch sizes.

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The company might also be offering 5G variants of both of those sizes, for a total of four different Galaxy Note 10 models. The biggest question for the August 7th event is whether the Note 10 will show up. Probably Samsung will use the event to give release date updates on its other long list of missing products, like the indefinitely delayed Galaxy Fold, which the company co-CEO DJ Koh said today was pushed to market “before it was ready.”

Plus there is a missing Galaxy Home speaker which was announced alongside the Galaxy Note 9 last summer. It is yet to get a release date the last estimate from Samsung was Q3 2019, but the company has missed multiple release windows for the Galaxy Home earlier. The Note 9 was available from last year along with its 128GB variant available for £899 whereas the upper-range 512GB device sold for £1,099. It is not confirmed yet what would be the pricing of Note 10 range.

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