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As we all know there is a hundred percent chance that Samsung will launch Note 10 at Samsung’s unpacked event. But there is also growing evidence that the company will also launch a new Samsung Galaxy watch soon. Recently, the watch has just appeared on the FCC website where the agency posts approval requests complete with images. Now, what normally happens that the company requests to hide the images.

But somebody didn’t cross a T or dot I, apparently. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch is expected to be an iteration on the version that was released just this past March. Previously there were some complaints regarding the watch, one of them is that although Samsung’s Tizen smartwatch software is optimized for use with a rotating bezel, the original Watch Active didn’t have one.

However, this new one is rumored to have a touch-sensitive bezel around the screen, which should allow you to navigate by running your finger around the edge of the screen. It’s also expected to support ECG heart rate tracking and fall detection though those features might not be available at launch. A long time ago, SamMobile was the first to post this picture. Now all companies are required to detail where their FCC label will go, but they’re allowed to put that label in a device’s software settings.

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From these leaked pictures it is hard to decide whether or not the bezel around the screen could accommodate a touch sensor, unfortunately, there is no real way. You have to wait for the device to launch, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is expected to come in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm and also have an option for an LTE version. The company is planning to launch the watch alongside the Note 10 next month. Given the increasingly bad choices, Android users have when it comes to smartwatches.

This new iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch has a solid chance of being the best thing available for the consumers. Apart from this, Samsung is allowing people to reserve a spot in the preorder line for the next generation of Galaxy. The company will accept reservations until 11:59 PM ET on August 7th, the same day Samsung is hosting an Unpacked event where we expect it to unveil the Galaxy Note 10, and possibly the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

If you are interested in pre-order then you just have to put your name down, you can do that now to be among the first to receive the phone when it releases. Samsung says that reserving will grant you $50 in credit to use toward accessories. Note 10 is likely to be expensive, but you might be able to save some money by trading in your phone. Samsung is offering $600 in credit in exchange for the selected phones if the device is in good condition.

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