Bixby app store

Samsung has made some promises and key acquisitions ahead of its launching event. But the company’s smart assistant got a very uneven starting and had always faced trouble in making the name of themselves, amongst a sea of competitors ever since. Third-party integration has always been one of the categories in which Samsung has promised to truly distinguish Bixby app store.

Back in November, the company announced that they are going to open up the assistant to third-party developers with the release of Bixby Developer Studio. Finally, those developers are now been able to deliver on the promises of the company’s Viv Labs acquisition. As today they have opened a new app store for Bixby so Galaxy users can discover new shortcuts they can use with the assistant. It is Called Bixby marketplace, users can browse for “Bixby capsules.”

However, it might sound to you as some kind of prescription drug but these tools are just like Amazon’s Alexa skills that let you easily access certain functionalities of an app with a voice command. Bixby app store is already offering you quick commands to third-party integration apps. But the marketplace makes it more easy to browse through different categories of apps, like games, productivity, travel, and music.

Users can also customize their capsule to a specific need. For instance, if you prefer to use Uber or Lyft, you can select the required transportation capsule to always request Uber rides when you ask Bixby for a car to the airport. The store opens today in the U.S. and Spain, launching with a handful of popular third-party apps, including Google Maps, Spotify, iHeartRadio, NPR and Yelp. Samsung claims that the Bixby marketplace and capsules won’t allow visual ads as it is not clear yet if audio-based ads, just like the experimental one which users heard on the Google Assistant purporting to promote a Disney movie would be allowed.

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The launch of Bixby marketplace is the next step in the process. Now vendors can make their Bixby integrated services or capsules available to users. On the whole, it is a good start but luring a critical group of mass developers is always the hard part. On the other hand, Bixby already available on a lot of devices, if you count in all of Samsung’s flagships from the past few years. And that number is slowly but surely growing as the company integrates it into additional appliances, TVs and the like. Though the company hasn’t done itself any favors with the still MIA Galaxy Home speakers.

Plus the company says it plans to add more platform later this fall at Samsung’s developer conference in San Jose, CA. Users in the US and Korea can start using the marketplace today.