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This year alongside the Galaxy S10 devices a successor to the Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch is launched by Samsung. Over the last couple of months, several leaks have suggested Samsung is working on it. According to the Wareable, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, will be the first smartwatch from the company which will feature an ECG heart rate tracker. This report has come with some more information which we have already seen in renders leak of the device, that what we can expect for the Galaxy Watch Active 2. However, some of its features appear to be borrowed from the Apple Watch Series 4.


At an event in New York next month, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 10. This event has already been scheduled by Samsung for August 7th.

ECG heart rate tracker feature will be added with a post-release update in the first half of 2020, thus the feature will not be available when the watch is first released, according to the reports. We can expect that this  watch will feature more basic heart rate tracking at launch. It will give alerts, if your heat rate jumps too high or drops too low.

Less accurate light-based optical trackers were included in the previous watches like the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch, thus we can say that it will not be the first time a Samsung smartwatch will include heart rate tracking. However, electrical signals will be measured by the electrocardiogram (ECG) trackers. It is much more accurate and reliable. It will also give the possibility for them to detect health conditions. Moreover, according to the report, the reason for Samsung’s delayed release of the feature is that the FDA has not yet granted its approval for devices featuring the ECG functionality.

Apple also did this with the Apple Watch Series 4, it was released in September last year. Apple also added ECG support post-release in its device. But the ECG update was only received in December in the US. And after that it was updated this year in March, in the UK. However, when the watch was released by the Apple it claimed that it already has FDA clearance, but we know that clearance is not equal to the approval. Samsung will also need to have the clearance, and then approval obviously for this feature.

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If Samsung will not get the approval, this new watch will simply seems like a more traditional update to Samsung’s smartwatch lineup.

According to the report, the Active 2 will be available in three different models. An LTE version, a Bluetooth-only version and an Under Armour-branded version. The Under Armour model will come with an exclusive strap and MapMyRun integration, along with the service of six months. A stainless steel case, leather strap will be present in LTE version, also it will come in four colors. Moreover, the Bluetooth models will have an aluminium case.

All three models will be available in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm, According to SamMobile, also they claimed that these models will run on version 1.5 of Samsung’s One UI software.