Sevenhugs is doubling the number of universal remotes in its lineup today and brings the total options available to two. The new smart Remote U joins the unique smart Remote which is now known as Smart remote X and costs $100 less at $199. Both models are available for purchase from Sevenhugs’ website or Best Buy. With this smart remote you would be able to control TV, lights, speakers, smart home devices, and media players. Because it is the most advanced universal remote control.


The original Smart home device launched over two years ago. At that time, the company aims to be a single remote to control both your home’s entertainment systems as well as any smart home gadgets you might have installed. Instead of the physical buttons, it utilizes a touchscreen that can adapt itself to whatever device you’re currently controlling. Plus you can point the smart remote at whatever gadget you want to control. For instance, such as a smart light, thermostat, or TV, and it will automatically present the appropriate controls for that device.

It uses sensors installed in the room as well as its own motion sensors to orient itself. Now the new, less-expensive Smart Remote U maintains the ability to control both entertainment and smart home devices, as well as the sleek, touchscreen design. Because of this, it gives you the ability to point the remote at something and have it automatically adjust its display.

Sevenhugs says both Smart Remotes are compatible with “over 650,000 devices”, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared control. Too, it has the ability to control up to 80 devices from a single remote. The smart remote also supports automation schemes, so if you press a single button it can trigger lighting, video, and audio at the same time. Just like other universal remotes, the Smart Remotes also have infrared learning for simple programming.

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Now everyone can enjoy the convenience of using a dedicated handheld touchscreen device to control your music, browse playlists, select songs, adjust volume, skip tracks and more. Anyone operating the remote can easily see and control all the available lighting options at home. You can even group different brands of lights together and control them simultaneously. You can also customize your smart remote experience exactly the way you want just by creating your own control screens.

The smart U remote is available in black color for $199, whereas the $299 Smart Remote X, which maintains all of the same features of the original is available in either white or black color option. The company says the remotes would be available through Amazon in the coming months, but you can purchase directly from the company or at Best Buy starting today.