Wireless charging technology has been around for more than 100 years, but its inclusion in devices such as Apple’s new iPhone line, Samsung’s Galaxy lineup and Google’s Pixel phones has given it a new life. But the benefits of wireless charging has not yet been completely explored and used. HiRise Wireless charger has now released by the twelve south and it can be more beneficial to the users than the other wireless chargers.

Although, users are familiar with the other gadgets of the HiRise line from Twelve South, which includes the Duet. It proves to be a great combo charger for both iPhone and Apple Watch. Now, this HiRise Wireless charger will be a great addition for this line up.

This version of the wireless charger includes wireless charging of up to 10W. It will provide you fastest cable-free charging rate. Moreover, it is available for devices that support Qi charging, including the iPhone X, XR and XS, as well as the Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S10.

The design of this wireless charger is also unique. As it provides you very easy way to handle it and to carry it. A charging puck is provided that can both mount in the frame and also pop out to either provide a lie-flat wireless charger, or you can pack away it in a bag. This puck itself is a lot smaller than most wireless chargers.

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It can be easily positioned on your desk in the upright angle, which it provides when mounted in the frame. It is then perfect for registering Face ID unlocks when used with an iPhone X or others. You can easily access to your phone notifications without any distraction while doing your desktop work.

A rubberized ring bordering the charging pad also comes in the puck, and this border will prevent your phone from slipping down. A detachable USB-C to USB-A cable also comes in the box. It adds to the portability. Thus, you can easily use it with any USB-C charging cables you already have on-hand for your Mac or other devices. It will not cost you extra things like cables to charge your phones.

It is now very hard to beat the value of the HiRise Wireless, if you are looking for a easy-to-carry wireless charger in a budget supportive amount. Twelve South’s unique design and its unique flexibility will only charge you $79.99. It is much more than you will pay for a lot of quality wireless chargers in the market.